Five benefits to expressing yourself on paper

  • Feb 21, 2019

There are many reason to journal, and Kathleen Adams LPC, from the Center for Journal Therapy outlines five powerful benefits in her article, "Pen, Paper, Power! Five Benefits of Journal Writing."  Here is a summary:

Writing by hand can make learning easier. 

Neuroscientists say, “When we write, a unique circuit is automatically activated that stimulates your brain.

Writing by hand can improve memory. 

A research study comparing college students who took notes on laptops and those who took notes by hand found that students remembered lectures better with handwritten notes.

Writing in a journal, by hand, helps you achieve the maximum benefit of journaling.

Journaling is deemed by clients to be a more intimate, personal and relatable experience than writing on a phone app or computer; thus, the result tends to last longer and embed more deeply.

Writing by hand can have similar benefits to meditation. 

In an article called “The Simple Joy of Writing, “Barbara Bash writes, “It is something about the physical act – holding of the hand and pen – that is meditative, bringing me into the present.”

Writing by hand can help enhance creative expression.

According to novelist Jon McGregor, “Writing on the page stays on the page, with its scribbles and rewrites…can be looked over and reconsidered. Writing on a screen…a sentence deleted can’t be reconsidered.
To see the full article and sources cited, please follow the link to Karen's article:


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